2D CAD Drawings

Usually we do not create 2D CAD drawings but we do create Shop Fabrication drawings
which look like 2D but are created from the 3D model.  There are several very good
reasons why.  We are not members of the "Flat Earth Society" because the Earth is not
flat, it is three dimensional.  2D drawings require that you draw the same thing multiple
times for plan, elevation and section views.  When revisions are made these multiple
views must be updated requiring even more work.  With over 10 years of experience
doing 3D AutoCAD design work we have found that it is quicker and easier than creating
multiple 2D views.  It is actually easier to just draw a solid model of the part once and you
are done with it!  You don't have to stop and think, now that I have drawn the plan view what
does the elevation view look like, how will a section look?  Should this line be a hidden line
or something else.  Just draw the object one time as a 3D solid model and use it many
times more without having to draw it over and over again.  You can render a 3D model and
rotate it to view from any angle.  3D is just simply superior to 2D!  3D is smart, very smart.

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