Working with Designers & Engineers to attain the best possible 3D Design

Designing in 3D Advantages

A 3D model is a real, life sized entity built inside of the computer.

A 3D model is more realistic than 2D drawings.

3D design gives you a competitive edge - one your competition may already be enjoying.

3D models are great for design reviews with other members of a design team.

All construction and shop fabrication drawings are created from the 3D model insuring
accuracy in the final product.

3D models are a tremendous marketing tool and can create additional revenue.

Good 3D design is not easily achieved. It is the product of talent, knowledge, and skill. Its
value is immense.

3D Opens up a world of design that is otherwise inaccessible.

Great example of a reason to change from 2D to 3D.  A Chrysler Test Facility was designed
in 2D originally.  They acquired a 3D CAD program and initially converted a small part of the
project to a 3D model. Upon seeing numerous errors that had been missed despite having
had multiple design reviews the entire 2D design was converted to a 3D model.  When
completed they found the original 2D design contained over 500 errors that would have
caused Engineering Change Orders during construction.   They now do all new construction
design exclusively in 3D.