Working with Designers & Engineers to attain the best possible 3D Design

Water Treatment Facility

A nice project that required planning the work in phases so the facility would have minimal
out of service time.  There were many times during the project that short design reviews
were held with the project engineer.  In the past he had been given 2D plots on paper to
look at.  Working with 3D I was able to show him a rendered model on screen that was
rotated and manipulated so he could see exactly how the design looked.  He commented
to me about how much easier as well as quicker it was to review the design this way.  He
was also able to catch things early in the design process because they showed up
immediately and not after multiple 2D views had to be drawn.

Main Plan & 3D View

This is the cover sheet for the project showing the overall dimensions as well as a real
world view of what is to take place.

Operators View Through Grating

The above type of walk through view allows you to see what an operator or maintenance
person would see when walking on a catwalk and looking down through the grating at the
piping and equipment below.