Working with Designers & Engineers to attain the best possible 3D Design

Millennium Test Separator

Oilfield Test Separator

The above tank was converted into a 3D solid model with piping after the customer
told client he could not tell what they had drawn in 2D.  I was contracted to convert the
2D drawing into a 3D model.  As soon as the customer saw the model he found
several things that were wrong or he did not like about the design.  I suggested to the
customer that we sit down together and he give me his recommendations and
requirements and I would make the changes right before his eyes.  In one afternoon of
approximately 4 hours we did a major redesign of the tank and the piping.  When the
design was complete the customer was very happy and gave me a very nice thank you
for creating exactly what he wanted in a very short length of time.

Plan & Elevation Views

This design is similar in concept to some skid mounted designs that I have
completed previously.  Not much room to mount a lot of equipment and piping
makes doing the design as a Real Life Size 3D Model all the more important.  

HVAC General Arrangement

The HVAC in a design can be done by a separate design group and
incorporated into the 3D model to check for interference, access or operating
problems before anything is actually built.

Miscellaneous Piping  Details

All of the piping details are made using the actual 3D model piping.  
This guarantees that what gets built will be the correct pieces.