Our Advantages to Your Company using our services

There are several very good reasons to use 3D Design Services.

1. To do the best job you need to use the best equipment.  Our main AutoCAD
workstation is a Dell Precision workstation equipped with a 3D Labs Wildcat
graphics card costing over $2,100.  A lot of companies don't spend that much
for a whole computer.  The bottle neck in computers are the hard drives so we
bought two 15,000 rpm SCSI II server hard drives that are RAID 0 Striped.  
This is the fastest means of getting data on and off a hard disk.  Pentium 4
Processor @ 3.06 GHz and 2 gigs of ram make it a very
FAST system.

2. With high speed connections to the internet and webcams we can be at a
meeting in your office in a minute.  Dollars spent on travel now pay for more
design work.  The fast speed of our main workstation means you can see in
real time the same rendered model we see.  The fast graphics card displays a
rendered model for everyone to view where ever they are.

3. Jack Foster is an AutoCAD registered developer who has written hundreds
of programs to make using AutoCAD simpler and therefore more productive.  If
a unique design problem arises there is the potential to develop programs and
utilities that will save a significant amount of time on the overall project.

4. Because of #3 above we are already working from a highly customized user
interface.  With over 10 years of designing using AutoCAD and exclusively in
3D we use dozens of programs and utilities created specifically for 3D design.

Working with Designers & Engineers to attain the best possible 3D Design