Working with Designers & Engineers to attain the best possible 3D Design

The animations were all created by using the AutoCAD 3D Solid model and importing it  
into 3D Studio MAX.  Originally one animation was created to show how this new
concept drilling rig would operate.  The animation was done in the usual rush and no
surfaces were applied to make it beautiful.  However, the animation did clearly show
enough that a multimillion dollar contract was issued to build the rig.  The animations are
not high quality but are for web usage and intended to show the potential of 3D design
and animation combined.

Please select a picture to view a short animation of various operations
of the drilling rig.  Animation must download before it can begin playing
and file size has been kept as small as possible and still play decently.

Pipe arm and Iron Roughneck.
Filesize: 665,000 bytes

Pipe feed to pipe arm.
Filesize: 710,000 bytes

Drill Rig working fly around.
Filesize: 775,000 bytes