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CATCO  Crowley All Terrain Vehicle

This model was created from 30 year old 2D paper drawings and some newer 2D CAD
drawings.  The entire assembly contains over 450 AutoCAD solid models not counting
fasteners.  The model shown is made up of individual parts which make sub-assemblies
until you have the final complete assembly.  The model assembly and sub-assemblies
were created in a somewhat chronological and orderly manner as they would be created
in the real world.  

A truly unique vehicle that can operate in the extreme cold on the North Slope of Alaska or
the hot abrasive sands of the desert and nearly anyplace in between.  This piece of
equipment is called a
CATCO which stands for Crowley All Terrain COmpany.  It is
operated by Crowley of Alaska in Anchorage, Alaska.  

One of many subassemblies that make up the CATCO equipment mover.  All of the
individual components are brought together to build various assemblies.  Those
assemblies are in turn brought together to ultimately make the completed 3D model
of a project.

A very simple detail of one of hundreds of parts used in the CATCO vehicle.  It has
been drawn one time and then xref'd into the model as required.  The nice and
easily added feature to this is the simple 3D perspective view in the upper right
corner of the drawing.  Contractors and shop workers love the addition of these
views.  I have had supervisors tell me that these pictures can eliminate a lot of
questions and interruptions from their shop workers.