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Advantages of Clipped Views Examples

Above is a rendered view of a very congested area of pumps, piping, valve handles
and support steel.  A clipped view works by allowing you to pick two points within a
drawing and it displays everything between those two points on screen.  Everything in
front of and beyond those two points are removed from the view.  This makes it
incredibly easy to see exactly what is in the area you are trying to work on.  In the
course of a project dozens of clipped views may be created and they will save dozens
of hours.  They will also reduce the chance of interferences happening due to a
cluttered view.  I have written a program that makes creating clipped views incredibly
easy and I have been using this program for several years.  Of the many programs I
have written in the past 15+ years the clip view program is in the top 5 for time savings
and convenience.

All of the below example drawings were created simply by externally referencing the
above 3D Model into a new drawing.  Depending on the drawing simply freezing a few
layers controlled what is displayed.  In other drawings a
Clipped View was created to
show a small slice of the model. This is a tremendous tool for designing that saves
many hours.

Above is a plan view unclipped on the left and the same view on the right that has been
clipped at two elevations.  It does not take a rocket scientist to see how much easier it
is to work in the view on the right which has been clipped.   

On the left is a typical elevation view looking entirely through the module.  The main
beams make it impossible to see the pipe beyond them.  However the clipped view on
the right was created between the two beams so the designer easily sees what area he
has to design in.

Again on the left is a typical non-clipped view that has the tanks blocking out the ability
to see the piping in the middle of the trailer.  The view on the right is another clipped
view in the X-axis and is between the large tanks that obscure the non-clipped view on
the left.