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Shop Fabrication Detail Drawing Examples

Shop Fabrication Drawings are very similar to 2D drawings and are used for machine
shops and contractors to build from.  The difference is Shop Fabrication drawings are
created by using the actual 3D parts that are contained in the model.  The model should
always be correct so the parts produced from the model will be correct in the "real life
size" world.

The part shown above is the exact same part that appears in the CATACO model many
times over.  By using external reference (xref) files this part is put into a Shop Fabrication
drawing that guarantees the part manufactured will be the correct part for the job it is
designed to do in the model.  Notice in the upper right corner of the drawing there is a
3D perspective of the part that helps to show even more clearly what the finished part will
look like.  Feedback from clients have all been very positive about adding this to all Shop
Fabrication drawings where appropriate.  

Above are more  examples of how using a 3D perspective view in a detail drawing
provides a real picture of the finished part.  Contractors and shop workers love the
addition of these views.  I have had supervisors tell me that these pictures eliminate a lot
of questions and interruptions from their shop workers which they really like.