Working with Designers & Engineers to attain the best possible 3D Design

Pharmaceutical Tank Farm Piping Puerto Rico

Piping Construction General Arrangement

Providing 3D perspective views helps everyone to see exactly what is to be done on a
project.  The beauty of 3D is you have the model to create all of the necessary 2D type
Shop/Construction Fabrication drawings.  Yet you can also create any 3D perspective
views easily and quickly to help clarify a design/construction feature.

Piping Construction Details

When I presented the above piping drawing to the construction manager his first words
were "I could put this together with a bunch of grade school kids using these drawings."  
You can see the view in the bottom right has normal annotation for a piping field
construction drawing.  Now looking at the 3D view in the lower left corner you can
instantly see where the piping is routed within the pipe racks.  "A picture is worth a
thousand words" was never truer.  

Piping Construction Details

Another feature of this style of construction drawing is having the key plan in the upper
right hand corner.  This immediately orients you to where in the overall project the
drawing relates too.  A further nice touch is using multiple 3D views to show how the
pipe is to be routed.  It only took a couple of minutes to create these views.  The
alternative would be to create multiple elevation views to show the pipe routing and this
could take hours.  Even then it would still require a lot of concentration and work for the
craftsmen to locate the pipe correctly.